SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a process to make your website visible on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Just follow these On-page SEO  techniques step by step.

I am having 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Today I am giving you some basic knowledge about SEO. If you are planning to rank your website in top position in 2019, just follow these instructions.

How to do on page SEO # step by step

SEO is divided into 2 parts

(I) On-Page SEO
(II) Off-Page SEO

If you are doing proper On-Page SEO. Your 70% work is completed. Rest will depend on Off-Page.

This Blog will Target basically on On-Page.


On-Page SEO:


What is the Purpose of On-Page SEO?

Let’s try to understand how Google Crawler/Spider is working. Suppose I give a Dictionary and ask you to find the meaning of Sound word in it. If you have Index page its possible to find a Sound word in Dictionary but if don’t understand English, even English character. It’s not possible to find the word which you are looking for. Similarly, You can consider Dictionary as Google and word as Website. Now if the website is online and it’s not index in Google. It will not be displayed in SERP. Our first step is to Index our website on Google So, our website will be displayed. For this, we have to do On-Page SEO.

We have to keep these points in mind to rank our website on Top easily.


(i) Meta Title/ Keywords:


In this part, you have to target the keywords for which you want to rank your website on SERP. Previously we do like this
Keywords 1 | Keyword 2 | Keywords 3| Keywords 4 | Keywords 5

Size limit- 60 to 80 Character with space.

Currently, this concept is old. Now you have to work like this.

Use the Google keyword planner tool to select the keyword. Now suppose you have 3-5 keywords, take a common word from the keywords and make a sentence with it with a character limit

Examples Your keywords:
All Remote jobs | jobs from home | job search sites | job vacancies

Take common word:-
Job, Home, sites, vacancies

The update is it like:-
We have 50+ new vacancies daily. Best website to Apply for job from home

“It is an attractive title or user who are coming with these keywords or similar to this. Our keywords are also present in the meaning full way”

Note:- Always try to target only one keyword per page. If you want to target 5 keywords for a website. You need 5 different pages on your website.


(ii) Meta Description:


In this section, we have given more details about our website page. What this page is having.

Size limit- 160 Character with space.
You have to define your website content in a short and attractive way within 160 Character with space.


(iii) Image Optimization:


In image Optimization, we have to use Alt Tag because Google Crawler/ Spider can’t read image. You can use your keyword here. If you are using 3 images in a page its good. Don’t copy keywords like

Image 1 – Alt Tag job vacancies

Image 2 – Alt Tag job vacancies

Image 3 – Alt Tag job vacancies

Use in this way

Image 1 – Alt Tag job vacancies

Image 2 – Alt Tag # job vacancies

Image 3 – Alt Tag job #vacancies


(iv) Heading Optimization:


We are having 6 heading

H1, H2,H3,H4,H5,H6

You can use H1 only once and can use other heading N-number of times.
H1 is having your keyword in a smart way.


(v) Bold and Italic:


Try to understand this concept. Example If you are reading a newspaper and if all words are having the same font size and color. Which news you will read and might be possible you will skip the important news. For this news are having Heading which is on bold and some important news which they want to Highline they make it italic. Similarly, Google Crawler has come to your website and all text is of the same size it will be very difficult to understand which content he has to read and which content we have to put emphasis on. Try to understand Google Crawler is a program if we highlight the heading with H2 to H6 and make the content systematic and use bold and italic where needed. It will be very easy for us and for Google Crawler also.


How to do on page SEO step by step