What is a website?

A Website is a collection of information like Text, images, audio, video etc. collection of all these information we call it web page. A website may contain Single to thousands of pages. In simple words, website is the graphical presentation about the Products or services that you offer.

  Use of websites in my business?

Do you know in a day you do your 75% of your work over phone or laptop through Internet. Like Food ordering, Online Booking, Make New Friends, Shopping, Education, Reading books, Watching Movies, Playing Games, etc. In Todays Era your website is your digital presence. If you have a website means your office is open 24/7 without having a call with people they can get detailed knowledge about your product or services. If you have a website you can target clients not only from your locality but can target globally. Try to get a website for your Business idea and you can touch new level in your business.

  Types of website?

Two type website are available.

1. Static Website.
2. Dynamic Website.

1. Static Website :

You can imagine static website like a white board or black board of your school or collage. You use it to display some information. Its not interactive. It doesn’t have any database to store information. Suppose you can write 10 sentences in your black board and you wrote the information is 10 sentences. Now you want to add 2 more sentences now what you will do? Yes can delete 2-3 sentences and write those sentences in little small size and adjust 2 more sentences now your board is having all information but some fonts are small where as some are big. This represent you are not professional. Best way is clear your black board and write all sentences in small size but it will take time. Similarly Maintaining static website will take time and efforts this will increase the cost for a website. Even client can’t update the website by own because it require strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Now a days people are not going Static website.

2. Dynamic Website :

As the drawback of static website is resolved with Dynamic website. These websites are fast and attractive and Clients can easily update it If they have basic knowledge about the technology used. These websites can we update very fast in few minutes. regular updating of website is possible. We can easily design and developer as per Search Engine. We can add contact us, live chat and social media connectivity in the website that make it interactive. The Maintenance cost is also very less. If you are putting blogs/Articles regularly on the website. As per date Latest article will come on top and people can search through search features in the website.


  How much does it cost to develop a website?

The budget of a website depends on two factors.
1. Requirement: If you need an elementary but attractive informative website. The budget will be less if you want to add many pages to the website with detailed content, images, videos, tables, etc. The cost will vary.
2. Developer: A highly experienced developer costs high, whereas intermediate developer rates are nominal. The only difference is the time taken to deliver the website. It’s better to hire a developer at a fixed price for the website and ask for a detailed estimate. So, there will be no dispute in the future. The cost of a website is approx 50-100 USD per page. Now you can decide how many pages you need for your website.

  What is the importance of Home page in Website?

The home page gives the first impression to the users. If your website Home Page is professional and user friendly. Users can easily find what he is looking for. Nowadays, Parallax websites are in trend. Here once the user hits the Home page. This will show all the page’s content to the user, and at the end contact us form will be there. It has one advantage. Suppose you have five services. Usually, a user will check two services only, but all the five services will be visible at once on the parallax website if you have client reviews called Testimonials. It will create a good impression, and there is a chance user will be converted as a prospect.

  What is the importance of speed in the website?

Website speed is an essential factor as per the search engine. Let’s take the example of Google. If you are searching a Query/ Keyword on Google and you get a website on top. You will click that website, and it takes 60 seconds or more to load the content of the website. Will you wait for 60 seconds to see the results. We all want fast loading website to see the results. Search Engines like Google want to serve the best to the users. They don’t want you to wait. They will give an extra advantage to the fast websites. If you have a fast website or the loading time of your website is quick. The chance to ranking on top will increase. The actual game is to get Top ranking, resulting in Good traffic and quality leads for your Business.

You can check your website speed for Free with the help of these websites :

  • https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
  • https://gtmetrix.com/
  • https://tools.pingdom.com/

  Why Responsive website Design is Important?

The website is getting traffic from two sources (i) Desktop (ii) Mobile. Suppose you are getting 50% traffic from Desktop and 50% traffic from Mobile as people are more active on Mobile nowadays if you are ranking on Top in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If you do not have a responsive website, users cannot view the entire page of your website. Some content is going out of the screen, which will affect the user experience. This will increase the bounce rate of your website results in dropping your ranking. Search Engine will understand user is not happy with your website. So, why will it give you Top ranking?

  What are the characteristics of a Good Developer?

  • Good Communication skills.
  • Love to learn.
  • Patience.
  • professionalism